Our Logo

At LoJ we are pretty excited about our logo image inspired by the Holy Spirit and designed by the creative ministry of DEER ARTISTRY. The image is designed to be scalable without any shifting of the design effect. The purpose is to convey the depth of grace and mercy experienced by this ministry and its leaders.

For some people it is difficult to recognize the image as the Lion, representing our Savior Jesus Christ. Others see a challis representing the cup of suffering and the blood of the Lord Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

The beard of the lion seeming to stand apart from its face, demonstrates its royalty, strength, authority and wisdom. The bottom of the challis is the bridge of the nose and represent the brazen altar of sacrifice, where we must present our bodies daily and from which the fire of God continually burns.

The sides of the face are flags poles of praise and worship moving onto the all seeing eyes of God searching to and fro for hearts that are upturned to him.

To hear the Lion roar join us for worship Sunday’s at 12pm. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Worship Time

Sunday Worship @ 12 Noon

Contact Information
(718) 708-5570
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695 East Gun Hill Road,
2nd Fl. Bronx, NY. 10467
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