Pastor Cynthia Celebrates 5 yrs as head pastor

Sunday, March 9, 2014 – After 25 years of ministry under the leadership of Bishop Pimrose James, God had called Cynthia Isaac-Gueye to lead God’s people as the Pastor of Lion of Judah Assembly. It was in 2009 that the Lord sent a Prophet from Ethopia, to deliver this message; a message that would change the lives of many.

When Pastor received this message she prayed and fasted for strength. This new exodus would begin a new generation. Followed by nine people who heard the Will of God, Lion of Judah Assembly began to rise; rejuvenating the ministry and its people. Under the leadership of Pastor Cynthia, many leaders were ordained to support her in leading God’s sheep. Membership grew fast and people from all origins found the Lord.

The ministry became like the church of the Corinthians. The presence of the Holy Spirit would be felt as you walked through the doors. Worship saturated the sanctuary and the church became known for its praise through the arts, evangelism, missions and bringing families together.

Pastor Cynthia now celebrates 5 years as pastor of Lion of Judah Assembly. She has truly been a blessing to other ministries as she trains others and sheds light on others through God’s Word.


Congratulations Pastor Cynthia Gueye!

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Sunday Worship @ 12 Noon

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